Given in cities or castles by Ladies. They need the player to champion themselves for their sake. Most of the times, they won't have any quest for the player. Rarely, they do offer a quest, and these may be:

  • Challenge a Lord to a Trial of Arms: You will be asked to defend the honor of the lady and defeat the lord that sullied her name. You must visit that lord and challenge him in a one-on-one full equipment available battle in the tournament area. If you win, you'll lose a lot of relationship points with the lord and gain a lot with the lady, who also gives you a reward (usually 3000 denars) no matter what you say.
  • Rescue/Ransom a Prisoner: You will be asked to free a noble (normally the lady's husband) from a prison in a opposing city. This works as a normal rescue. You can either sneak in, beat the prison guard to grab the keys and fight your way out or siege and conquer the fief. For the former, it is suggested to set a large fire on the outskirts of the village as it reduces the number of guards in the fortification that owns the village. Rewards will be a quantity between 1500 and 5000 denars, and always 2000 experience points.
  • Wed Your Betrothed: This long-running questline (see Marriage) provides the player with a number of benefits, but requires concerted effort and a bit of planning to complete.
    • Preparation - as you start your playthrough, you can check out the Characters list to see who the daughters of notable lords are around the land.
      • Each faction has some powerful lords that are not only prime candidates for friendship so they can eventually serve you, but have eligible daughters or sisters toward which you can direct your affections.
      • If you already know for which faction you plan to serve as a vassal, limit your search there.
      • Raise your renown and reputation/honour substantially before you attempt to initiate the courtship; most ladies of note will not be interested in some nobody
      • Learn all of the poems from the wandering minstrels in taverns
    • Initiate the courtship - once you have made a name for yourself in Pendor, you are ready to start making moves on the lady of your choice. You do not need her father/guardian's permission to see her at this point.
      • Declare your ardent admiration for her; this may boost her relationship to you higher for some ladies than others
        • If possible, do this after winning a tournament. Following her response, you can then dedicate your victory to her for an additional boost
      • Periodically visit your lady friend to woo her with poetry and build your relationship. You can, and probably should, have more than one lady to woo at a time, in case another lord you are friendly with is courting her. This will prevent issues within your faction, unless you're into that sort of thing.
    • Get permission to officially court - once you have raised your relationship with the lady's father/guardian reasonably high (~20) and/or raised your Persuasion skill a bit, approach them about permission to see your love interest officially. Their opinion on the matter will be influenced heavily by your current fief holdings and your renown - a mercenary, or a lord with few or no lands, holds less appeal than a well-landed sworn vassal of the nation. Once they agree, you will be able to visit your lady further and continue the questline.
    • Proposal & dowry - When you are satisfied with the development of your character's standing in the realm, wealth, and relationship with the lady, you can ask her if you "have a future together" and expect her to joyfully tell you to ask her father/guardian.
      • Without their permission to see her officially, this becomes a little more intricate - elopement is an option, but it will harm your standing with the realm greatly.
      • With their permission, there is the catch of providing for the lady should you die/be a cad. The father/guardian will state the respective amounts of money he and you shall contribute for her dowry. Upon your agreement, the money will be withdrawn and the father will begin preparations for the ceremony.
        • If the nation is at war, the wedding will be on hold until there is peace.
    • Seal the deal - when the nation isn't at war and the quest notification happens, ride to your lady and commit to the marriage. You will then receive the wedding cutscene, your wife will move to your primary fief, and you will gain a boost in Right to Rule.
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