Leslie equip
A trader who came from Barclay to acquire Noldor artifacts, or barring that, simply make a profit on a trade route between Laria and Javiksholm. She and her brother were ambushed by the Jatu and despite putting up as best a fight as they could, their guards and her brother were killed. She is gentle, and does not like all the blood and killing, but accepts it as part of being in a mercenary troop.

Since she is a merchant by trade and was originally just looking for work as a quartermaster due to losing anything she could have used to restart her merchant career to the Jatu, when she joins she only has a set of throwing knives, ankle boots, a blue dress, and a knife, but like Ansen she has the potential to become a very strong warrior in her own right given enough time.

She likes Diev, who keeps Kassim from bullying her and find her as very inspiring due to the mess she went through and the family she lost. She also hates Donavan for his cruel methods and his frequent threats to flog her.

She will hire on with you for free.

She is a commoner, making her lord will result on her recruiting Empire troops.

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