All vassals have different values and personalities, ranging from peaceful inland patrol to restless warmongers. Senior vassals (the ones who already have children) have consistent personalities between games, while the younger vassals' personalities are randomly assigned at the start of every new game.

This page aims at providing the list of all the 46 Senior lords in Pendor (out of the total 100). These vassals belong to the 5 kingdoms, and they're the only vassals that have Household Troops, with 36 of the 46 having one.

Reasoning and Formulas

The reasons for including lords in this list are as follows:

  • Being one of 8 'top' lords of each faction whose personalities are constant and are not randomly defined at the start of each game.
  • Specializing: having unique troops or ordinary troops in extraordinarily large numbers (usually about 30-70 compared to normal 5-20 for faction troops and 0 for non-faction troops) in the party by default. Since all these troops are either top-tier or very strong mid-tier soldiers, that gives such lords serious competitive advantage in battles.


  • If personality type is "-", it's random and varies in different games.
  • Renown range was determined manually upon 5 different game starts, so it is approximate and may be slightly different in other games.
  • The actual formula for lords' renown is as follows: Renown = (Lvl*Lvl)/4 + (Age*Age)/8 + random(100...200). Age is also a random number and varies from 45 to 64 for "top 8" lords of each faction and from 25 to 44 for other lords.
  • They get extra renown for being marshal (15 at the end of their service), for holding feasts (20 at the end of the feast), and for winning tournaments (20).
  • A vassal's maximum party size is determined by the following formula: Party Size = (10 + Leadership*10 + Charisma*2 + Renown/25 + 20[if marshal] + 20[for each castle owned])*(80 + Player Hero's Level)/80.
    • Monarchs get an extra +100.

The List

Outstanding stat will be shown in bold. For personality, this goes as follow, from best to worst: Upstanding, Good-natured, Martial, Cunning*, Pitiless, Sadistic, Bad-tempered.

  • Note that in PoP since v3.8, cunning lords are no longer quite as troublesome as before or as in Native. They're still hard to build relationship with, but as long as they're given 3 fiefs and are not personal enemies with another lord to whom you wish to award a fief, they will not complain about it.

High leadership and renown will give the lord a higher max party size, therefore if untouched, he will be able to field a larger army.

High trainer skill will make the lord recruit and level up his troops without having to battle faster.

His level will not affect his army (except higher level means higher starting renown), but higher level is often reflected into the lord having higher stats and proficiencies. Smaller level, on the other hand, increases the chance of a lord gaining (a) new level(s) during the game which results in your opportunity, as a king, to increase his skills and attributes.

Name and original title Original faction Personality Unique troops Renown Range (approx.) Leadership Trainer
Duke Adarian Kingdom of Ravenstern Martial Silvermist Rangers 950-1050 4 5
Duke Aldemar Kingdom of Ravenstern Martial Iceguard Rangers 900-1100 3 5
Duke Alexis Kingdom of Ravenstern Badtempered Knights of the Dragon 1150-1250 5 5
Count Carolus Kingdom of Ravenstern Pitiless - 900-1100 4 5
Count Clovis Kingdom of Ravenstern Cunning - 950-1100 3 4
Count Otto Kingdom of Ravenstern Sadistic Ravenstern Rogue Noble Knights 950-1150 4 3
Count Stephan Kingdom of Ravenstern Goodnatured Ravenstern Rangers 1000-1200 4 6
Count Ivanus Kingdom of Ravenstern Upstanding - 1200-1400 5 6
Count Arnoldus Kingdom of Ravenstern - Dragon Drakes 700-800 2 3
Agathon Legatus Empire Upstanding Iron Circle Centurions 850-1050 3 6
Cleon Legatus Empire Cunning Radiant Cross Plaguewardens 800-1000 3 4
Justus Dux Empire Martial Empire Mortals 800-1000 4 4
Kyros Dux Empire Martial Shadow Legion Centurions 900-1150 3 4
Livius Dux Empire Badtempered Shadow Legion Marinus 850-1000 2 5
Sidonious Legatus Empire Pitiless Guardian Empire Knights 800-1000 3 5
Titus Legatus Empire Sadistic Knights of the Phoenix 850-1050 4 4
Varius Legatus Empire Goodnatured - 900-1100 3 4
Caliph Bahman D'Shar Principalities Badtempered D'Shar Ghazi Reavers 750-900 2 5
Haji Nabi Bey D'Shar Principalities Sadistic - 850-1050 3 6
Caliph Hamid D'Shar Principalities Martial D'Shar Ghazi Dervishes 1050-1250 5 5
Kaivan Khan D'Shar Principalities Upstanding D'Shar Djaha Archers 850-1050 4 4
Mansour Bey D'Shar Principalities Pitiless Eventide Ghilmen 1050-1250 5 7
Qingit Bey D'Shar Principalities Cunning D'Shar Rogue Noble Knights 950-1100 3 5
Rafik Bey D'Shar Principalities Goodnatured - 1050-1300 5 5
Caliph Tahir D'Shar Principalities Martial Singalian Temptresses 950-1150 2 5
Faridar Khan D'Shar Principalities - D'Shar Ghazi Dervishes 750-850 4 4
Kalandar Khan D'Shar Principalities - D'Shar Dustriders 750-850 4 5
Earl Aedin Redsword Fierdsvain Martial Queen Agnus Freebooters 1150-1350 3 5
Jarl Adalstienn Goldtooth Fierdsvain Pitiless Fierdsvain Rogue Noble Knights 1150-1350 4 5
Earl Ari Forkbeard Fierdsvain Badtempered Fierdsvain Berserkers 1100-1300 3 5
Jarl Bjorn Farstrider Fierdsvain Cunning - 1150-1350 3 4
Jarl Einkr Onehand Fierdsvain Sadistic - 1150-1350 4 4
Jarl Eydis Fairhair Fierdsvain Goodnatured - 1150-1300 4 4
Jarl Gundur Doomseeker Fierdsvain Upstanding - 1150-1350 4 3
Earl Sigimund Stonehand Fierdsvain Martial Vanskerry Jarls 1200-1350 4 5
Jarl Talvor the Fey Fierdsvain - Lady Valkyries 950-1050 3 3
Lord Hrothgar the Fat Fierdsvain - Vanskerry Jarls 850-1000 2 2
Lord Inar Hairybreeks Fierdsvain - Lady Einherjars 1050-1200 3 2
Baron Aelfried Kingdom of Sarleon Pitiless Knights of the Lion 800-950 3 6
Duke Aelfwine Kingdom of Sarleon Martial Marleons Heavy Cavalry 950-1100 3 6
Duke Alamar Kingdom of Sarleon Martial Rangers of the Clarion Call 950-1050 3 6
Duke Brennus Kingdom of Sarleon Badtempered Knights of the Lion 950-1100 3 6
Baron Cadeyrn Kingdom of Sarleon Cunning Sarleon Rogue Noble Knights 950-1100 4 5
Baron Ealdred Kingdom of Sarleon Sadistic Pendor Black Archers 800-900 4 5
Baron Godric Kingdom of Sarleon Goodnatured Red Fletcher Longbowmen 950-1150 4 5
Baron Hereward Kingdom of Sarleon Upstanding Larian Sentinel 900-950 3 6

Note that all Fierdsvain vassals have a higher renown values, this is due their higher individual stats and thus, higher level, and level directly affects renown values (formula is above)

Ranking for vassals

This is a ranking based on which vassals are the best to have in your kingdom (from the above list of notable lords, as the others' personality may vary). The most important aspect is personality, followed by whether it holds a household troop (and what that unit is), and finally the lord's renown value, trainer skill, and leadership skill. Their personal fighting capabilities is not taken into consideration here.

Must have

Suggested to have

Good to have

Notable husbands

As far as I can ascertain, only those lords with variable personalities are potential husbands. As such none are in the lists above. Here is a weighted list taking

Of these, Jarl Talvor the Fey is notable for being the only one with a knight as household troop. His stats are a bit low at 3 leadership/3 trainer, however his renown is decent, his household troop is great and he has the potential of a good personality. Lady Valkyries are also part of a faction order and therefore viable for upgrading should you have prestige to spare as all lords that have a few of them will perform better.

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