Lothario Ingame
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He is the leader of Lothario's Brotherhood's Mercenary Company. He is the weakest leader, even surpassed by some of the troops his army fields.

His equipment is as poor as his stats. He is equipped alike the Red Brotherhood Guildsman, with a Singalian Death Sabre and a Jatu Warlord Shield as well as a Maiden Crossbow and Mettenheim Bolts. He rides a Burgundy Caparisoned Hunter.

Lothario and his company can be hired always (they have no Right to rule requirement), the player just needs to have 15,000 denars, as Lothario won't spawn on its own and the other 5 Monarchs will never hire him, as they don't see the Red Brotherhood trustworthy.


Introduction: Hello, friend! I've heard you needed someone to "juice" you... er... reinforce your armies, all for the good of the common people of Pendor, I hope.

I field a fine party of brothers experienced both in combat and, some of them, imprisonment until they met me.

For a bit of cash and a fair portion of prisoners, captured or rescued, we shall exact revenge on your enemies... heh... for whatever misdeeds they inflicted upon your friends and allies. Or my friends and allies. We'll find a reason, I'm sure.

When talked to: Talk to me, my friend.

When ordering "I have a task for you...": Shall we help the village militias repel the unwashed Fierdsvain masses or simply humiliate some bungling lords?

When told "Follow me": Let's go some place where many lords are unwarily prancing about the countryside. Our dungeons are a sad and desolate place without them!

When ordered "Go to..." or "Patrol around...": Very clever, my {brother/sister}. Let's go and give someone a good reason to use that special lotion.

Departure: Very well, my friend! As much as I enjoyed trouncing foolish lords with you, I'll need to check on some acquaintances of a rather Snakish persuasion.

Maybe we shall meet again, I'm always up for a jaunty ride.

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