Maiden Adventurer

Maiden Adventurers are common female mercenaries one can usually find in the exceptionally dangerous Adventure Companies roaming about Pendor. They can be recruited from taverns or trained from rescued peasant women that wish to become warriors.

These adventurers are fearless and tenacious. Maiden Adventurers are extremely adaptable soldiers, utilizing both ranged and melee combat to combat their foes. They come equipped with their signature Maiden Crossbows, a slightly more powerful and faster crossbow for mounted combat as compared to the Light Crossbow, and utilize them with rather effective results.

How a commander uses them depends on their strategy. Maiden Adventurers are highly adaptable soldiers. They can be sent to skirmish the enemy, charge into an infantry line with other heavy cavalry, or stand their ground with other ranged troops like archers or crossbowmen. They aren't as effective as other ranged units, so using them to skirmish or to break an infantry shieldwall is a much more viable option. Despite their versatility, they fare poorly against knights so don't think about taking on small Knigthood patrols even if you have a larger squadron of Maiden Adventurers. 

This troop is upgraded from Maiden Cavalry for 160 d and upgrades into Maiden Noble and Heroine Adventurer for 200 d.

As of 3.9, Maiden Adventurers can be promoted to both the Knights and Talons of the Order of the Falcon.

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