Maiden Cavalry

Confident and experienced, each Maiden Cavalry has risen from humble origins to become sought-after by the lords of the realms. They are often present among the Adventuring Companies roaming the land seeking their fortunes, or guarding the caravans of the great cities. On the field, they perform best as skirmishers and attacking infantry once their formations have been loosened. Nimble and reasonably durable, they can survive even large-scale battles provided they stay on the move.

What distinguishes these female raiders from other light cavalry units is their signature weapon - the namesake Maiden Crossbow, which boasts the highest reload and fire rate in its class. For comparison, it is nearly twice as fast as the siege crossbow. While it delivers each bolt with less killing power, what makes these units so useful is their classification as cavalry and not archers. This all but guarantees a whole slew of additional enemy casualties each time you assault the walls, bypassing the sally-forth trigger of defending armies. This unique tactical advantage more than justifies their place in your army.

This troop is upgraded from Maiden Ranger for 80 d and upgrades into Maiden Adventurer for 160 d.

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