Shot speed: 84

The Maiden Crossbow may sound feminine, but it is the best Crossbow that can be used from horseback. Despite having a lower damage rating than many heavier models, the maiden version has a much faster reload speed rating, being almost twice as fast as the much heavier Siege Crossbow. Likewise, the Maiden Crossbow has an incredibly high Missile Speed rating of 84, just one shy of the extremely powerful Mettenheim Arbalest and actually faster than the siege crossbow. This makes it ideal for use firing quickly and accurately from horseback.

It can be rarely found in normal shops.

Players may rarely find this weapon for sale in merchants and loot from certain enemies, however perhaps this weapon's best use is to be utilized as the main armament for mounted crossbowmen of a Custom Knighthood Order.

Troops and heroes that use this weapon include:

*: Mercenary Company leaders and Lords don't drop items to the loot upon being defeated

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