Maiden Ranger

Compared to many other women, Maiden Rangers are strong, tough, and reliable. They have had the time and experience gained from their time as Scouts and Warders to amass enough denars to pay for a good bow or crossbow, decent armor, and either a sword or far more commonly, some form of the deadly voulge.

The start of real women warriors, Maiden Rangers go into battle with a bow or crossbow and can be deadly to lone light infantry and are effective anti-cavalry measures against light cavalry like Singalian Horsemen or Melitine Mercenary Lancers , their voulges often cutting unarmored mounts out from under their riders or sometimes even shooting them out from under them. While they are far from the deadliest female soldiers in Pendor, they are very effective in numbers and units that have been worn down and split up may find themselves quickly overwhelmed by a determined group of these now battle-hardened women.

After a long enough time slogging through the mud and blood on foot, a Ranger will eventually accumulate the wealth needed to buy herself a steed, coming closer to the fearsome Heroine Adventurer and Maiden Noble.

This troop is upgraded from Maiden Warrior for 40 d and upgrades into Maiden Cavalry for 80 d.

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