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Marius Imperator 3.9

Marius Imperator is the ruler of The Empire. He fields a large number of Guardian Empire Knights, as they are his Household troop. He starts owning Janos. The Claimant to his kingdom is Demosthene Augustus.

He wields his unique weapon, the Orator Baccus Sword. If you are fighting a war against him, putting his kingdom at its heels (5 or less castles + cities) and have him as a prisoner, he will be willing to give you his sword in exchange for his freedom, but this will reduce your relations with him by 40 and with The Empire by 5 (note: player has to be monarch for this to happen). If he handed the player his weapon, he will use a Runed Bastard Sword. Before entering combat, he will always throw all his Old Empire Pila. He will always appear with a Knightly Heater Shield.

Stats-wise, he is the weakest monarch.

He rides an Ironbred Stallion. His armor (Immortal Primus Armor) can be obtained by the player if the player captures his home city (Janos) and checks the City Chest. His helmet, Empire King Helm, can be obtained when the player starts Founding a new kingdom. The other stuff he uses are Golden Mittens and Soft Soled Ornate Greaves.

All of his equipment, both offensive and defensive (except his unique weapon) has the best modifiers.

These are all of the Mercenary Companies he may hire:

"We came to Pendor in order to spread enlightenment to a backward society. Now that Pendor is our home, we find that our ancestral lands have been corrupted. It is we who must guard against the decadence of superstition." -Marius Imperator, Emperor of the New Empire.

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