Marleons Heavy Cavalry

Trained to be an elite non-noble cavalry unit to reinforce the small unit of cavalry forces of The Kingdom of Sarleon, the common men of Marleons and its surrounding land are trained by Duke Aelfwine, lord of Marleons to assist the Order of the Lion to fight for their city.

Wearing a open bascinet with feathers, plate armor and riding on a Marleons Highbreed, they can be commonly seen in the midst of a cavalry charge along with the Sarleon Knight and Knights of the Lion, with Long Cavalry Lances, morningstars and Sarleon Knight Longsword in hand. All of them also carry kite shields to defend from enemy attacks. Their hunters enable them to use their lances to great effect, being much faster than the warhorses and chargers used by the knights. Their longswords and morningstars also deal extremely heavy damage.

They make an excellent and dangerous force when complemented with knights. However, they are easily taken out by pikes, halberds and ranged fire. Whenever you are facing them, try to keep them away from your archers or crossbowmen or expect to take some casualties.

Marleons Heavy Cavalry2

They are Sarleon's Special troop. They can be captured and recruited from prisoners sacks, as mentioned before, they are Duke Aelfwine's household troop, meaning he will field a big number of these.

They can be hired as a mercenary company led by Grandilon on a company called 1st Banneret of Marleons, which holds 100-200 of these riders. The player can also obtain these by asking Sara for troops, sending Sara out to gather right to rule, or gambling with Ramun the Slave Trader.

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