Melitine Lancer

Presumably the main cavalier for the Melitine groups in Pendor, they differ from their mercenary counterparts primarily in maintenance cost (which as they are superior to their mercenary brethren, can be assumed to be greater) and the fact they wear a kettle helm with chain mask as opposed to the usual Melitine helmet. This can be attributed to Jatu influence and does lend a certain menace to the unit.

Overall they are solid medium cavalry who are able to hold their own against most enemies, but their unarmored Andravidas (their horses) lend a good deal to be desired in their ability to stay mounted in protracted battles. They are equipped with a Melitine Lance, a Melitine Sabre and a Melitine Tear Shield.

They can be encountered in either Melitine Scouting Forces (20-40), in the Sarno Expedition (15-30) but not in Sebastokrator Kaspax's army (0). They can only be hired from prisoner stacks, upgrading from the previous troop, the Melitine mercenaries heartbeat quest or indirectly via hiring the Sarno Expedition.

This troop is upgraded from Melitine Archer for 160 d and upgrades into Melitine Griwbanar for 200 d.

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