Mercenary Cavalryman 3.9

The strongest non-noble cavalry of the 5 kingdoms are here. These experienced riders are to be feared in the battlefield. Some of them will also have throwing weapons meaning some will not charge directly but rather harass their foes and sometimes even break enemies' shield to make the charge more deadly.

They have a diverse set of weapons like most mercenary troops, as they are given freedom to use the weapons they like the most. They may have 4 different throwing weapons (Jarids, Broad Head Throwing Spears, War Darts and Heavy Throwing Axes), 2 very long lances that allow Couched lance damage (Long Cavalry Lance and Long Dark Knight Lance), 3 melee weapons (Fierdsvain War Axe, Silvered Longsword and Fierdsvain Curved War Axe) and 5 variations of Kite Shields. They have horses with vivid colors, with 6 variations of their Caparisoned Hunters (White, Red, Green, Blue, Burgundy and Yellow). Their armor set is very assorted, with every part of their body being varied, allowing for plenty of different random combinations for their appearance.

It is worth noting they are weaker than Sarleon Knights, as those are outstanding riders, being on par with the weaker Knighthood Order knights.

They can be seen in taverns asking to be recruited (groups of 2-9), as they are tagged as Mercenaries.

They can be obtained in the Red Brotherhood's mercenary sellout (the one that doesn't require a Gold Bar and in bigger numbers in the one that does).

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Horseman for 160 d and upgrades no more.

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