Hireable Mercenary Companies

As an independent monarch, the player is granted the ability to hire independent mercenary companies via their minister. These companies will follow the player as a separate party or guard the city/castle they're asked to. They require an initial payment of 15,000 denars to be hired, and their troops must be paid weekly wages as well. They too, can recruit rescued prisoners and detain any captured prisoners that the player doesn't capture. The player can only have one mercenary company. If the player wants to purchase another mercenary company, first he has to disband the previous one.

Note: the other monarchs may hire an independent mercenary company as well, a message will show up notifying the player if this happens (see below for more info). These companies will always follow the monarch.

These are 11 companies the player can hire. Some are available immediately, others have certain requirements before becoming available. The numeric values are their relative strength autocalc-wise (min autocalc value - max autocalc value, with this you get an idea, however these tells little for real battle performances). The armies size will depend on player's level, check min and max values for each going to their page:

Without requirement - "fight for anyone if he/she can pay"

RtR higher than 30 - "will look who you are but still care more for gold"

RtR higher than 45 - "the new king seems to be honorable and maybe will aid our case later"

RtR higher than 60 - "the new king seems to be legit, lets establish some connections"

Whenever a mercenary company gets defeated, it will be unable to be hired again for the next 2 weeks, as that's the time they need to recover.

The mercenary company will not be scared of greater armies, it will always stick with the player if he/she orders to follow him/her. There are two more options, the first being "Patrol around... (fief)" that will make the company patrol around a desired fief and the other being "Go to... (fief)", that will make the company go to that fief and stay there until you give them a new order. This can be used to obtain the prisoners the mercenary company holds, as they will deposit their prisoners in the fief's garrison, and that fief is yours, you'll get those prisoners (same can be done with lords if you tell them to "Go to..." when you are a vassal/monarch).

Other Companies

However, the other Monarchs may not only hire a mercenary company, they may hire an Unique Spawn or a Generic spawn as their mercenary company. Each monarch (King Ulric, King Gregory IV, Kadan Bahadur Khan, Koningur Valdis and Marius Imperator) has a fixed list of possible options (depending on the monarch, varies from 11 to 14) and they will pick one randomly, excluding those that are recovering or that are already wandering Pendor). The player can capture Unique Spawn leaders who are currently serving as mercenaries.

Companies hireable by monarchs
Company Ulric Gregory Kadan Valdis Marius
Burilgi the Usurper
Griffonsword Adventure Company
Kodan Ironsword
Oswald de Fleur
Sheik Shalavan
Sir Boris the Raven
Syla Uzas
Conquistadores de Aventura
Daughters of Persinoe
Freikorps Mettenheim
Jatu Mercenaries
Mercenary Company
Mettenheim Expeditionary Force
Singalian Slavers
Vanskerry Leiesoldat
1st Banneret of Marleons
Chosen of Indar
Firuz and his Singalian Slavers
The Free Company
The Freybrueder
Primera Guardia Real
The Sarno Expedition
Snowlion Brigade
Sir Timothy's Knights
The Veccavian Renegades

Note: mercenary company leaders cannot be captured.

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