Mercenary Horseman 3.9

With skill and saved coin from past work, comes better arms and armor as well as something many a farm boy dreams of: a horse to ride gallantly to battle!

As they can get fairly expensive when fielded in large numbers, it's advised to only use these men if money isn't an issue, you need the soldiers desperately - be it to replace casualties or pad a garrison - Or you seek the challenge that only fielding mercenaries might give.

They differ from the troop they come from in that they have better equipment and stats, and that they now have guaranteed horse (one of these: Dark Steppe Horse, Grey Courser, Courser or D'Shar Courser) and guaranteed Gloves (either Dark Leather Gloves, Mail Mittens or Scale Gauntlets). They may have Thrown weapons, these being either Darts, Javelins or Throwing Axes. They will protect themselves Round Cavalry Shield, Old Round Shield, Plain Round Shield, D'Shar Plain Shield or Elite Cavalry Shield while charging on their foes with their Lance or War Spear, to then swap to Steel Sword, Long Steel Sword or Axe.

They can be seen in taverns asking to be recruited (groups of 2-9), as they are tagged as Mercenaries.

They can be obtained in the Red Brotherhood's mercenary sellout (only in the one that doesn't require a Gold Bar).

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Infantry for 80 d and upgrades to Mercenary Cavalryman for 160 d.

This troop can be promoted to Raven Spear Mercenary if the player meets the requirements.

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