Mercenary Infantry 3.9

An improved version of the Sellsword, but it no longer may have a crossbow, but they now have guaranteed Shield and may have a throwing weapon. They also added spears to their posible weaponry.

As these are soldiers from the 5 kingdoms that sign up as mercenaries, they have very diverse equipment, most being related to the five major factions, both defensive-wise and offensive-wise. They will always have a Wooden Shield or a Leather Covered Round Shield, which they will use along a Sword, Iron Sword, Fierdsvain Leaf Sword, Iron Mace or a One Handed War Axe, and then a Spear. For throwing, they may have Throwing Spears, Throwing Knives or Light Throwing Axes.

They can be seen in taverns asking to be recruited (groups of 2-9), as they are tagged as Mercenaries.

They can be obtained in the Red Brotherhood's mercenary sellout (only in the one that doesn't require a Gold Bar).

This troop is upgraded from Sellsword for 20 d and upgrades to Mercenary Warrior and Mercenary Horseman for 80 d.

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