Mercenary Sharpshooter 3.9

The most skilled crossbowmen from all Pendor offer themselves to the best bidder. They are the most expensive foot-crossbowmen to maintain, costing slightly more than double the wages of an Empire Armored Crossbowman, however performing a ~30% better (ranged-wise) and with the advantage than they can be trained really fast if the player has enough of denars.

They are equipped with a Siege Crossbow with Siege Bolts, that will throw precise and very deadly snipes from afar. Their main problem is the slower attack speed, making them vulnerable whilst they're loading. For melee, they will always have a kite shield (many different color and drawings) and either a War Spear, a Heavy Sabre, or an Empire Broadsword. This is due mercenaries are given freedom to choose the colors and weapons that they like the most, rather than being given and forced to use the weapons the kingdom that pays their wages obliges them to.

They can be seen in taverns asking to be recruited (groups of 2-9), as they are tagged as Mercenaries.

They can be obtained in the Red Brotherhood's mercenary sellout (the one that doesn't require a Gold Bar and in bigger numbers in the one that does).

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Armored Crossbowman for 160 d and upgrades no more.

This troop can be promoted to Radiant Cross Plaguewarden if the player meets the special requirements.

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