Mercenary Warrior 3.9

These soldiers do prove worthy on the battlefield, but their higher wages makes their performance/maintenance ratio questionable. These soldiers differentiate from the Mercenary Infantry in that their equipment and stats are better and that they have now guaranteed gloves (either Dark Leather Gloves, Mail Mittens or Scale Gauntlets).

They may have Thrown weapons, these being Throwing Spears, Darts or Throwing Axes. They are guaranteed to have one of these shields: D'Shar Plain Shield, Old Round Shield, Plain Round Shield or Battle Shield, that they will use along with either a Steel Sword, a Long Steel Sword, an Infantry Mace, a Falchion, a Sabre or a One Handed War Axe, and a Spear.

They can be seen in taverns asking to be recruited (groups of 2-9), as they are tagged as Mercenaries.

They can be obtained in the Red Brotherhood's mercenary sellout (only in the one that doesn't require a Gold Bar).

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Infantry for 80 d and upgrades to Mercenary Sergeant for 160 d.

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