Mettenheim Avonteurer Stats

Mettenheim Avounteurer Stats ver 3.9.5

Mettenheim Avonteurer

These are the basic tier troops of Mettenheim, and were added in version 3.7 to mitigate the struggle of finding Mettenheim troops. They are a weaker version of Mettenheim Regular Infantry. They can occasionally be found in taverns for hire.

These troops are equipped with a Military Pick, a War Spear, an Arming Sword or an Infantry Mace, as well as a shield. Even though they are a low tier troop, Mettenheim equips them with decent equipment, making them perform better than expected on the battlefield. Still, they are very inexperienced troops and because of this, none of Mettenheim's armies field them.

This is the basic unit of Mettenheim and upgrades into Mettenheim Regular Infantry or Mettenheim Regular Crossbow for 40 d.

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