Mettenheim Forlorn Hope

Forlorn Hope ver. 3.9.2

The Forlorn Hope are Mettenheim's very own Knighthood order. They came into existence in the year 232, when a band of veteran soldiers led by their field commander, Wolfgang, came to the rescue of Mauritz Van Mettenheim after he had been arrested for treason.

The Forlorn Hope is joined by older men who have less to live for. Despite their age and declining strength they wield Greatswords and Zweihanders to great effect. They don the heavy and powerful Forlorn Hope Plate armor to protect them from ranged fire until they can get up close to their foes. Upon reaching their enemies, they can easily cleave through infantry and horses alike with their mighty swords. Although their armor is very powerful, their lack of a shield means that they are vulnerable to a volley of arrows or bolts. These men should be used as heavy assault infantry and will stand up to any other top tier troops. In sieges they will also be racking up a lot of kills once you send them up to meet the enemy.

This troop is upgraded from Mettenheim Hauptmann for 200 d and upgrades no more.

  • Note: Since 3.9, this troop no longer is upgraded from Mettenheim Hauptmann. To obtain some of these soldiers, you have a chance each week if you ask Frederick for troops. Frederick also can bring a few back with him when sent out to gain Right to rule. In addition, you can obtain some through Heartbeat Problem 14.
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