Monarchs are the initial rulers of each kingdom when you begin the game. They decide who gets the fiefs after they are taken from other factions. Their armies generally consist of anywhere from 200-350 men. They will all start with a huge and fixed amount of renown, 1200. In Prophesy of Pendor, monarchs don't have personalities nor any family.

If you aid a claimant in gaining control over a kingdom, they will become the new monarch if they win. You will be granted permanent Marshal, until you decline the privilege.

One of the player's final objectives is to get a single Monarch to claim to the throne of all Pendor (beating the other Monarchs).


King Ulric
King Ulric-2
The Kingdom of Sarleon
King Gregory IV
King Gregory
The Kingdom of Ravenstern
Koningur Valdis
Koningur Valdis-1-0
The Fierdsvain
Kadan Bahadur Khan
Kadan Bahadur
The D'Shar Principalities
Marius Imperator
Marius Imperator-0
The Empire

The Kingdom of Pendor?

Player may be a monarch as well, thus he has to Found a new kingdom, if so, he is allowed to choose for his kingdom from the already existing 5 cultures, or take Pendor's culture.

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