Monk Stats

Monk Stats in 3.9.5

Monk 3.9

These rough guys have gained experience through travels and have no clear objective in life, so they are adopted in villages where sometimes, they accompany farmers in their departures.

They are poorly equipped, but they will always have a blunt staff (either Quarter Staff or Iron Staff) making them decent to capture low tier foes.

They can be seen in farmer parties and militia patrols, parties that are often defeat in wars with other kingdoms and minor factions, resulting in these being captured by the enemy, giving the player the chance to free them and obtain these easily for his party.

Their constant wandering without a clear objective in life makes them ideal targets for the Inquisition, that will recruit these travelers and equip them decently promising them a honorable objective and a better future.

This troop is upgraded from Pilgrim for 10 d and upgrades to Cleric for 40 d.

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