Mystical Rune Plate Stats

The Mystical Rune Plate is a very unique chest armor piece. Prior 3.9, you could only acquire it for a very high price on Quigfen or Arandur's shop, and no troop or hero used it (similar to Comet Courser). However, since 3.9, this armor received a big visual change and the armor is now used only by both Noldor lords; Aeldarian and Ithilrandir.

The armor is obtainable by the player. There are 3 pieces of these obtainable in Pendor, and these can be obtained by defeating and capturing the Noldor lords. The Noldor lords will give their armor or their weapon (player decides) and a promise to never spawn again in exchange of their freedom. This means that the player should get the Custom Knighthood Order Unlockable Equipment from the Noldor lords before choosing this option, and when taking this option, has to decide whether to take their unique weapon or the Mystical Rune Plate, as once he decides one, the Noldor lord will not reappear.

The third armor is the hardest to obtain, but doesn't require you to beat and capture the Noldor lords nor miss the option of getting their unique weapon (Havathang & Duskfall), meaning the player can obtain both unique weapons and 1 armor, or if he prefers, even 3 Mystical Rune Plates (but no unique weapons). To obtain this third armor, the player must have 95 relations with the Noldor and be victorious on Elacrai's tournament 10 times. Talk to Sadren when you achieve this and he will handle the player the armor.

The armor has 3 variants, these being Sapphire Rune Plate, Ruby Rune Plate and Emerald Rune Plate. The gem chosen will not only re-color several parts of the armor to the color of the gem, but it be placed on the empty gap in the middle of the armor. To upgrade the Mystical Rune Plate, the player must take a Mystical Rune Plate to the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz and offer the drunk the armor, a Qualis Gem and Wine. The drunk will then offer the player one of the 3 gem rune versions.

  • v3.9.3 update:
    • Now you actually need 2 Qualis Gem for the upgrade.
  • v3.9.4 update:
    • Now you need one Qualis Gem and one Large Pouch of Diamonds for the upgrade.

Mystical Rune Plate Pict
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