Mystmountain Raider

The most basic and common troop from the Mystmountain Raiders. Some will have a Short Bow or Hunting Bow and arrows and some will be mounted, riding a Sumpter Horse.

Equipped with a variety of melee weapons, these being Maul, Spiked Club, Hand Axe and Boar Spear, sometimes with shield, sometimes without it, they can stand a fight against Farmers and Militia Recruits, but they will easily be taken down by better troops.

They can be seen in Mystmountain patrols (1-8), warbands (4-32), very numerous in Mystmountain armies (200-300) and in Wolfbode the Slayer's army (200-350).

They are the basic troop from Mystmountain Raiders and they upgrade to Mystmountain Warrior for 20 d.

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