Mystmountain Shaman

Shamans are the only known individuals with the ability to see the Mystmountain god, Vejovis. Technically, that means that the Shaman play a deciding factor in a successful raid.

The Mystmountain are unable to provide their religious leaders good mounts, as those are usually diverted to the Honor Guards of Wolfbode. Thus, they ride Saddle Horses like most Mystmountain warriors do. Do not underestimate the Shaman, as they are pretty ferocious fighters, nothing like the priests of a normal society. Carrying maces and throwing axes, they can unleash devastating attacks from their mounts. They are usually seen leading patrols around the Northern mountains.

The Shaman can't be missed on a battlefield. The skull helm they don stand out among the Mystmountain armies, and in an army, they are usually charging their enemies right behind the Honor Guards.

They can be seen in Mystmountain warbands (1-4), in Mystmountain armies (4-20) and in Wolfbode the Slayer's army (100-250).

They are Mystmountain Raiders' elite troop.

Each has 1 Various Loot, meaning that defeating them may result in them dropping it.

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