Mystmountain Warrior

A somewhat more powerful version of the Mystmountain Raider, these men can be found in all Mystmountain spawns. They are more skilled and better armored then their raider brethren, but still are not a huge threat. They are a significant danger to recruits and militia grade units but can be easily dealt with by mid to top tier units. Be wary of them early in the game but later you should not be overly concerned.

Some will have a Short Bow and arrows, but all will be mounted, riding a Steppe Horse.

They can be seen in Mystmountain patrols (0-8), warbands (4-21), extremely numerous in the Mystmountain armies (200-600) and in Wolfbode the Slayer's patrols (10-20) as well as in his army (100-300).

They use several different axes, being 3 of these 2-handed axes and just 1-handed, meaning that if they are ranged, there's a 75% chance they'll use a 2 handed axe and they will be shieldless, whilst if they are not given the bow, they will have always a 1 handed axe and shield they will equip whilst charging and usually then swap to their 2 handed one when they are fighting.

This troop is upgraded from Mystmountain Raider for 20 d and upgrades no more.

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