Noldor Arrows
Noldor B&A

The only arrows Noldors use. The best damage-wise (and most expensive) quiver of arrows adding 10 points of damage to every shot, whilst having a decent amount of ammo to shoot. While easily the most powerful arrows in-game for the player's use, the AI does tend to do better the more shots they have to fire. Thus, equipping Custom Knighthood Order troops and Companions with arrows containing a larger ammo capacity (such as Melitine Arrows) tends to be a better option overall. For players, Melitine Arrows also offer probably a better alternative if one is serious about becoming an archer. Having up to 15 extra shots per quiver, though they do less damage, can result in more kills for you.

This item can only be purchased in Quigfen's store or in Calanon's shop in Elacrai. It can be dropped as well by troops that use them, and these are:

1Heroes don't drop any loot.

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