Shot speed: 40
Abundance: 20

Old Empire Pila Ingame.png

The middle point between Old Empire Light Pila and Old Empire Hastae, these hold a balance between ammo and damage. With a big damage, solid range and decent ammo, these throwing spears are a solid choice for yourself or your companions. They also come with the flag Bonus against shields, which is a nice addition to the already good Hastae. They are used by Shadow Hunters and a few empire heroes (remember these have all large bag modifiers, and they won't drop anything in loot when being defeated).

Their design looks very alike the Roman Pila, this is intended. Its very similar to the design of the Old Empire Light Pila but with the arrow head at the end of the long metal tip, which was a more modern design of the Roman one. The rest is made of the bright brown color characteristic of The Empire.

They are used by:

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