Omen Seeker-0

Omen Seekers are some of Pendor's greatest horse archers. Riding fast D'Shar Coursers, they charge forth in to battle shooting D'Shar Arrows from their Ebon Bows. When forced to fight melee, they will charge with their light lance to then slash their way in with either Foreign Saber or Strange Ebony Sabre, both options being very deadly.

The best way to use them in battle is to place them on top of a hill and let them rain arrows on the enemy or have them follow and run circles around the enemy force. Make sure they do not get caught up in groups of infantry as their horses lack armor and will be cut down quickly.

While they are efficient with their swords they do not carry any shields which provides them with a major weakness and will die quickly when facing groups of enemies on foot or trading arrows.

Burilgi the Usurper has 25-100 of these when spawning. 2-12 Omen Seeker will accompany the D'Shar Raiders parties.

12 of these can be obtained Gambling Qualis Gems.

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