"Fierdsvain farmers have petitioned the Koningur to eliminate an adventurer known as Oswald de Fleur. He has raided their villages repeatedly. Now both the Koningur and King Gregory have offered a fine reward for the head of one Oswald de Fleur." – Ravenstern Wardens

Oswald de Fleur 3.9

Oswald de Fleur runs a number of small adventuring companies and Rogue Knights, but when battle calls, he forms them all up into a single, powerful unit.

Oswald's barbarism is beyond that of a Rogue Knight or virtually any other being in Pendor. The world will be a better place without him, should you manage to defeat him. He tends to favor weak and defenseless travelling farmers or unprotected villages for his torture experimentation.  

Riding an Imperial Dark Stallion he swiftly charges with his Lance whilst covering himself with his own personalized shield. If dismounted or unable to charge, he will change and fight with his Ebony Knight Sword.

He may just not spawn in Pendor and act freely, he can also be hired as a Mercenary Company by King Gregory IV and Marius Imperator.

Oswald's policy regarding prisoners is inhumane. He will divide his prisoners into three lines: children, women and men. First, he will kill the children, removing their limbs and casting their broken bodies into huge fires to enjoy the smell of their burning flesh and hair. Next, while the women shriek and plead for the children's lives, Oswald's men will rape the women, flaying their breasts, removing them, if any women are pregnant, they will cut open remove the baby leaving both to die. All while the men are held in place to watch and struggle helplessly. After they have had their fun, they slit the women throats or remove the heads to keep as momentos. The men will be tortured to death in 'creative' ways including flaying, burying them alive or up to their heads as they stampede their horses over the exposed heads. Needless to say, Oswald is monstrous, and needs to be stopped. 

Oswald de Fleur Pict

Oswald de Fleur can be captured and freed for a Qualis Gem or a large pouch of Diamonds. His adventuring company generally numbers 200-300 riders, and consists of the following:

Note: Since 3.9.0:

  • One of the options will no longer give the player 100,000 denars, but a large pouch of Diamonds.
  • His strength was raised from 39 to 57.
  • D'Shar Rogue Knights changed to Rogue Blackheart Knights and numbers raised to 85-100 from 30-50
  • Adventurers numbers raised to 60-80 from 25-65
  • Rogue D'Shar Squires changed to Rogue Blackheart Squires and numbers raised to 30-50 from 20-40
  • Hero Adventurer numbers raised to 10-15 from 3-8
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