Outlaw Knight of the Boar

Tough knights that are rarely seen in Pendor. They are characterized for being very reddish. They are equipped with either a Morningstar, a Cross Hilt Noble Sword, a Runed Silver Axe or a Ebony Knight Sword.

They are equipped with Steel Swords and a (Boar Head on Red) heater shield. They ride a Red Leather Draped Warhorse. Their red horse, plumes and shield makes them very distinguishable from their counterpart, the Outlaw Knight of the Owl, which shows plenty of yellow. They also differ in that these knights do also have a Long Red Knight Lance and some variety on their 1h weapons, whilst the Owls always uses Steel swords.

Defeating these will often cause to see Various Loots and Gold Bars in the Loot.

Info on spawns to be gathered...

This troop can't be obtained through upgrades nor can be upgraded. It can be rescued from prisoner stacks.

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