Pendor Armored Bowman

The best of the best as far as common born archers of Pendor go, these seasoned veterans have the skill to back their price and then some. They are excellent defenders and in the field are solid as skirmish infantry, harassing advancing enemies and then rushing in with the other Pendor infantry to finish the survivors off.

Armed with a short composite bow with Barbed Arrows, these men can loose volleys of arrows almost as fast as the Noldor Rangers, though obviously not as accurately. While they may lack the range and power of the longbow or warbow, they can fire a rapid and for a 'State' archer, accurate hail of arrows at enemy soldiers approaching their line, crippling or killing those without shields and taking down the horses of the light cavalry easily.

When forced into a melee (which is often as they burn through their ammo rather quickly,) Pendor Armored Bowmen show surprising ability. Armed with Bastard Swords, Infantry Maces, good-quality heraldic mail, and a melee weapon proficiency of 270 (higher than nearly every other kingdom-based ranged unit, and even outmatching those of Barclay and Mettenheim), Pendor Armored Bowmen are able to take on melee troops in the same tier without too much hassle. However, the lack of a shield leaves them extremely vulnerable to groups of enemies and return fire, as they have no way to block incoming missiles or cavalry charges.

When used in large groups, these reasonably priced soldiers are a force to be reckoned with. Compared to any faction's archers, these men are more akin to a shotgun than a precise weapon: their bows are comparatively short range, fast firing, and work best with a lot of their fellows and in a sort of skirmish role while other faction archers fire more slowly, far more accurately, deal more damage, can do well enough in somewhat smaller numbers and pass for decent infantry. However, pairing Armored Bowmen with these better long-range archers - for instance, Pendor Black Archers - makes for a lethal combination and a very strong archer line.

This troop is upgraded from Pendor Heavy Bowman for 40 d and upgrades no more.

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