Pendor Black Archer

Instead of selecting the common path of becoming a prestigious knight, some noblemen have realized that they are more proficient with a bow and choose to be noble archers, a very unheard rank among the nobility. Known as the Pendor Black Archers, these noblemen are able to afford better equipment than the non-noble archers of Pendor. They are able to afford a Heavy Heater Shield, Black Steel Mittens or Black Steel Gauntlets and a Coat of Plates, and arming themselves with Bastard Swords and war spears. They are generally better armed and armored than even the Pendor Armored Bowman. They now use the Ebon Bow. They use their new bow's rate of fire to their advantage, and the hail of arrows they can fire is startling. They have also been well-trained in the use of melee weapons and they are very proficient with them in battle.

They are a great addition to your archer line and the volley of arrows that they can lay down is impressive. They are certainly not weaklings if forced to fight with their swords and spears, but for the extravagant cost of recruiting and training them, it is recommended to keep them away from heavy melee combat.

Baron Ealdred of Sarleon fields a large division of Pendor Black Archers, so you can sometimes find them in prisoner trains. Being under level 40, they are recruitable from prisoner trains or from your own prisoners if you can manage to knock them out. They are great archers for pretty much any situation and may be inducted into the Silvermist Rangers if you own a chapter.

For early game use, pair these elite archers with other more mid-tier, but still elite archers, like Ravenstern Rangers and Wardens. In later game use, play these units as if they are Noldor units.

This troop is upgraded from Pendor Noble Bowman for 120 d.

This troop can be upgraded to Silvermist Ranger if the player meets the requirements.

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