Pendor Foot Knight

Unlike some of their peers, these noblemen have completely given up on riding horses, instead fighting only on foot. They are trained to be stronger than their peers who fight on horseback, possessing more strength and power strike skill, allowing them to hit much harder than the Pendor Knights. They also possess a higher shield skill, allowing them to absorb more blows with their shields, and use them much faster than the Pendor Knights.

These stalwart infantry wield a great range of weapons including the Pendor Great Sword, Claymore and to a smaller extent, the Polehammer and Blunt Steel Polehammer. Most of them spawn with Knightly Heater Shields, protecting them from ranged fire, although those who spawn without shields will be extremely vulnerable to rangers. Use these men for assault, which they are made for.

This troop is upgraded from Pendor Squire for 80 d.

This Troop can be upgraded to Knight of the Ebony Gauntlet if the player meets the requirements.

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