Pendor Footman (profile)

The basic Pendor soldier, Pendor Footmen are able to hold their ground against most foes their level and are usually at the front line of the Pendor army. Their armour is quite decent for their level and they come equipped with one-handed Swords, Spears and even the powerful Morningstar’s into battle. They also all come equipped with heater shields which provide them with excellent protection against ranged attacks. However, they can be easily killed by medium-tier infantry partly due to the fact that a majority of them will prefer to use spears in the presence of anything riding a hose that isn't friendly to them, which tends to get them killed in very short order. To reach their full potential they should be trained and upgraded further, but maintianing a large pool to back your men-at-arms and swordsmen is advisable.

If you're wielding a full Pendor army and are looking for cavalry stoppers, they can be upgraded into Pendor Spearmen. You can also upgrade them into Pendor Swordsmen. If you're looking for shock cavalry, upgrade them into spearmen, because from there they can be upgraded into Pendor Light Lancers (Light Lancers and Lancers only in 3.8).

This troop is upgraded from Pendor Militia for 20 d and upgrades into Pendor Swordsman or Pendor Spearman for 40 d.

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