Pendor Heavy Spearman

The Pendor Heavy Spearman is visually different from his juniors yet performs very similar to them, thanks to wearing armor displaying his employer's heraldry. Despite this, he does a better job as expected, being faster in the stab while being tougher to take down. Of course, being armed with nothing more than a spear and shield means hand-to-hand combat would go against him easily against other state troops of his tier. Thus, he is safest and most effective among his better armed compatriots in the battle line.

This troop is upgraded from Pendor Spearman for 80 d and upgrades no more.

Stats, Proficiencies and Skills Edit

Lvl 30 Str 18 Int 9
Agi 12 Cha 9
Polearm 220
Ironflesh 6
Power Strike 5
Shield 4
Athletics 5

Equipment Edit

Melee wpn Sub Wpn Helm Torso Glove Feet
War Spear Heater Shield Open Armet Heraldic Mail 'Tunic' Leather Glove Leater Boots
Mail Mittens Iron Greaves
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