Pendor Man-at-Arms

The Pendor Man-at-Arms are the elite  shock infantry of the Pendor kingdom. Using Silver Claymores, Pendor Great Swords, and sometimes Blunt Steel Polehammers, they can easily hack through men and mounts alike, and will generally cut a blood-soaked swath through forces that are broken up by a cavalry charge. These men are decent fighters and somewhat well armored for their cost, although their endurance can leave a lot to be desired. For elite troops they are fairly easy to train, making losing them in a battle far less of an issue than with other faction elite troops. When paired with spear-armed troops like Pendor Footmen or Heavy Spearmen they can demolish cavalry or at least remove the enemy mounts from battle.

They are possibly the easiest elite infantry to train and maintain, and can thus easily be trained in great numbers to defend walled centers. On the field, they are surprisingly quick, but this is of little use against enemy archers and as such they need to remain behind their juniors (or fellow Pendor Bladesmen) until they reach the enemy firing line where they can unleash their two-handed weapons with comparative immunity, as many faction ranged units simply lack the armor/endurance to stand up against them in a melee. Of course there are exceptions though.

Of important note is that they can be trained into some of the best specialist order/infantry troops, namely Silvermist Halberdiers and Ebony Gauntlet Hammers, making it worth while to train these men simply to gain these units en masse.

This troop is upgraded from Pendor Swordsman for 80 d and upgrades into Pendor Bladesman for 160 d.

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