Pendor Mtd. Man-at-Arms

Unlike the Sarleon kingdom, the Pendor kingdom has allowed for men of common birth to serve as cavalry in their army. This policy has created higher morale in the kingdom, as it does not limit the noblemen to the use of horses in battle. Riding mainly on lightly armored hunters or their somewhat tougher darksteel relatives, they present themselves as a deadly force, able to employ hit-and-run strategy against slow-moving or unattentive enemies, and serving surprisingly well as infantry when deprived of their mounts

They are particularly dangerous if their foes do not have pikes or spears to counter them. Using Great Swords and Black Iron Spears, they show decent skill in wielding them, but the latter serves them better on foot. They may also come with Silver Great Claymores. Unlike the D'Shar Principalities' coursers, the hunters that these Pendor men ride on are both fairly quick and able to take a few hard hits. Should you have no access to or are running low on proper heavy cavalry, the Pendor Mounted Man-at-Arms makes an excellent substitute, even if they lack some protection.

As said, they wield two-handed arms, giving them far more raw damage output than their junior Pendor Cavalrymen, and they wear reliable Heraldic Mail, giving them better staying power when archers aren't a concern.

If you choose to field a platoon of them, know that these men are tough but not reliable on their own unless the odds are heavily skewed in their favor. Always back them up with solid infantry and some knights of any kind otherwise.

This unit is upgraded from Pendor Cavalry for 80 d.

This troop can be upgraded to Griffon Retainer if the player meets the requirements.

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