Possessed Doomguide2

These are the undead version of Doomguide. They are equipped with the exact same equipment, both armor and weapons wise and have the exact same weapon proficiencies. However, their stats are slightly worse with fewer points in their skills across the board, most notably having Power Draw 6 instead of 8; on the other hand, this is more than made up for by their increased HP as compared to their regular counterparts.

Three Seers Patrol

Equipped with the long range Darkwood Bow with Darkwood Arrows and a Doom mace these units are to be feared in the battlefield. Their high HP with their strong Doomguide Leather makes them very resistant. They are the ones leading all the three seers patrols.

When defeated, the player may loot from them Noldor Trade Goods, Gold bars and Heretic Writings.

They only appear leading the Three Seers Patrols. These patrols are made of:

Possessed Doomguide

A possessed doomguide charging.

Advanced players welcome the spawn of The Three Seers as they do occasionally spawn these patrols nearby. These are the main source of Seer Favorites,they can't be knocked unconscious. When they are defeated, if the last hit was by a blunt weapon, they will always say they were killed, so it's not possible to have this troop as a prisoner.
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