Queen Agnus Freebooter 3.9

These hardy women are proof that the Vanskerries and their cousins, the Fierdsvain, are one of the most determined races to live in Pendor, since they are easily as strong in combat as their warrior brethren. The Freebooters are female warriors who serve with both the Fierdsvain and Vanskerry raiding parties.

They are very special, as they are the only troop that may or may not be mounted. If in the player's party, if the first one is mounted, the wages for all of them will be increased (they will all be considered as cavalry, even though only half are), whilst if the first one is on foot, all of them will be cheaper to maintain.

As with other Vanskerry units in-game, they are equipped with decent armor, axes for melee, and a lot of throwing weapons. Watch out for flying axes and javelins when these women charge into your line. And charge they may, as they may show up mounted atop a Darksteel Hunter. When mounted, you may consider them medium shock cavalry - good at battering unarmored troops, but too poorly equipped to match heavy cavalry and knights.

They are the household troop of Earl Aedin Redsword.

They can be recruited from prisoner trains, as they are level 36, and can also be received by gambling with Ramun the Slave Trader.

They are considered elite troops and do not have an upgrade tree.

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