Quigfen is a Noldor representative residing in Laria. He offers 3 things:


For this option to be available first, the player must have positive relation with Noldor. Then, Quigfen will ask the player for a Qualis Gem, after this has been given to him, the shop will be free to access for the rest of the game (whilst positive relations with the Noldor are maintained).

The shop will offer ~60 items, these being of high quality for the most part, without any negative modifiers. However, note that the prices will be a little higher compared to what the modifiers would normally indicate. Quigfen will periodically restock his less expensive items, while his most expensive ones will remain in the shop for the rest of the game. Upon each new game, the content may change a bit, but overall, the shop's stock will always be a mixture of:

  • Noldor and Melitine Helmets, Armors & Boots
  • Noldor Horses
  • Noldor Composite Bows and Noldor Arrows
  • All types of Noldor Swords and Shields
  • Random Knighthood Order Armors, usually Lordly quality
  • The fastest horse within Pendor, the Comet Courser (only can be seen and obtained through Quigfen)
  • Some non-Noldor weapons, including Runed Bastard Swords
  • Codex of the Righteous Ranger book (increases 10 relations with Noldor, also sold by Brother Randalf)


For this option to be available first, the player must have positive relation with Noldor. Allows the player to recruit Noldor mercenaries for a Qualis Gem. Once you hand him the gem, he offers you a choice from two to five different Noldor troops.

TIP: If he doesn't offer the Noldor troops you're searching for, simply click on Quigfen's portrait, and then go back, and the choices are randomized again. Repeat as necessary. These are choices he can offer:

Note: Since 3.9, the player can offer Quigfen one Noldor Trade Goods as well as the Qualis Gem to get extra troops. Numbers increase to:


When your relations with the Noldor reach or surpass 15, he'll give you a special quest - Befriending the Noldor. Completing this quest will reward the player with 5,000 exp, 3,000 Denars, 20 Renown and 15 relation points with the Noldor and allows forever the player to see Elacrai when having at least 30 relation points with the Noldor.

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