Rane is a Ravenstern city sitting at the north edge of the map, deep in the middle of the Ravenstern's starting territory. It is originally the seat of power of Duke Alexis.

Its villages are Elktrin, Dugan and Fisdnar.

Rane is the home of the Order of the Dragon, so there will always be a chapter at the start in this city. The Order of the Dragon was created to honor the noble warriors who stood and routed the armies of the Mystmountain tribes during the siege of Rane. 

The hidden chest is hidden in this pile of straw.

City Chest[edit | edit source]

The chest held inside the lord's hall can be claimed if you capture and get for yourself this city. It contains Dragon Platemail, an Order of the Dragon Heater Shield, and a Charger horse.

Hidden Chest[edit | edit source]

It also has a hidden chest containing a Qualis Gem (and will be refilled with other random items after hearing the rumors by the tavern travelers).

Siege[edit | edit source]

Rane is wonderful to defend, and aggravating to attack. Besieging Rane requires the construction of a siege tower, and the delay it takes to shove the ponderous war machine to the walls will give plenty of time for your forces to be shot up by the archer-heavy Ravenstern garrison. If you yourself are defending the city, Rane is an excellent spot where a smaller force can stand against many. Attacking the city, however, requires strong shields defending well-armored soldiers and sharpshooting ranged units to provide suppression fire against the murderous hail of Ravenstern Ranger arrows. If you are assisting an AI army attacking the city, it's not uncommon to see the garrison inflict 2-3 times the number of casualties than it actually endures.

Tournaments[edit | edit source]

Tournaments in Rane revolve around the Order of the Dragon based there. A good number will always be present in the tourneys. Some fighters can be mounted, and weapons mostly consist of two-handed swords, one-handed sword/axe and shield, and bow and club.

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