Militia who've finished thier training and made it through enough battles alive may finally either buy or be issued the gear to be called proper footmen. The basic Ravenstern soldier, Ravenstern footmen are able to hold their ground against most foes their level and are usually at the front line of the Ravenstern army. Their arsenal of weapons include one and two-handed axes, voulges, Ravenstern swords and even the feared Morningstars. The troops using one handed weapons are given a shield to add to their defence, but those using two-handed weapons will obviously be more vulnerable as a rule.

Their armour is also fairly decent for troops their level and consists mainly of kilts over chain mail or blue padded leather that offers them adequate protection. Compared to the other footmen of different factions, Ravenstern footmen are both fairly well-armed and armoured, although they should be upgraded for them to become more effective in battle, as should any footmen.