While getting steeds are rare in other kingdoms, the Ravenstern kingdom does not have difficulty providing horses for their horsemen. Riding on hunters, the lightly armored horsemen use cavalry lances to great effect. They also use longswords, one- and two-handed axes for close-quarter melee combat. They are also equipped with a round shield, excellent for these light horsemen's protection. They can easily be recognised by their unusual bascinet helms. When mounted, the horsemen are a force to be reckoned with, especially when the Knights of the Dragon are supporting them. On their own, they make do as decent cavalry but their steeds are extremely suspectible to missiles and pikes. Heavy infantry are also able to take them down rather easily.

If you choose to use them, allowing them to charge right into an infantry shieldwall without support is almost suicide. Without support from the rest of their allies, they can be easily taken down. Should they be forced to fight unmounted, they can be easily overwhelmed due to their light armor. Their skill with their weapons are not notable, and mid-tier infantry can easily eliminate them. Always remember that the horsemen's advantage is their speed. They lack the staying power of heavy cavalry and cannot hope to survive fighting concentrated groups of infantry or ranged troops. However, the horsemen are excellent for hit-and-run attacks and great for chasing down routing enemies. They are some of the easiest cavalry to field and not very expensive to maintain, and fielding them if you have no access to honor troops is a good idea,