Ravenstern Knight

Ravenstern Knights are the heavy cavalry force of the Ravenstern army, they ride into battle on powerful Chargers and use lances (Lance, Great Lance or Long Cavalry Lance) and great swords to crush their enemies. Their armor provides them with excellent protection and consists of the Coat of Plates, Breastplate over Maille or Heraldic Platemail Harness. In addition to that they all receive a heavy round shield to add to their defense. Whilst these Knights may not match up to Sarleon Knights in terms of endurance and defense, they make up for it with greater offensive prowess using their Great Swords. Even if forced to fight on foot they can match any infantry as they use their Great Swords with more effect when on the ground. However their choice of a two-handed weapon also provide them with a weakness as they lack a shield in close combat, becoming more vulnerable to ranged attack and lowering their defense.

This troop is upgraded from Ravenstern Squire-at-Arms for 80 d and upgrades no more.

These troops can be further upgraded into Knights of the Dragon.

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