Trading the standard long composite bow for a shorter and more compact one, Ravenstern Mounted Rangers have been trained to fire from horseback, combining mobility and versatility to face their foes. They also use the standard bodkin arrows to complement their arsenal. The mounts they use are hunters, which are rather sturdy horses that are able to survive a rather prolonged firefight. However, the point of mounted rangers is to skirmish and distract enemy forces, harassing and distracting them from real threats.

And they excel in their role, taking down even the heaviest knights with their bows. In close quarters, they use longswords and greatswords with great strength and skill. However, if forced to fight using their melee weapons, cavalry are usually better trained than them in melee weapons and their armor still fall short of the breasplates and plate armor of heavy cavalry. They also still suffer a heavy vulnerability to pikes and heavy melee weapons. Crossbow fire also take them down pretty easily.

For their cost to train and them, it is recommended to maintain a unit of them and try to reduce casualties as they are expensive and difficult to train. Use them properly in battle and avoid sending them to fight head-on unless they are well-supported or it is almost suicide for these horsemen.

This troop is upgraded from Ravenstern Warden for 80 d and upgrades no more.