The Peasant Revolt is the weakest minor faction and will only appear as an army (there are no minor patrols) or as a result of a heartbeat quest and is not required to be defeated for victory. Its forces are mainly low end milita and the major Faction's Deserters, however there are a couple of Hero Adventurers leading this, or Alaric von Brouhaha, their unique spawn.

This minor faction was created by angry peasants and insubordinate low ranked troops from the 5 kingdoms. This anger is founded in them getting livid due to their poor quality of life, and without seeing any possibilities to improve, but these do know they have no chances of fighting on their own, so they searched for experienced adventurers, who agreed with the expectation of profiting. More and more peasants join these Adventurers with the expectation of getting a change to better, making these the most numerous army to march on Pendor. Alaric is a well known Sarleon deserter, which managed to gather deserters and minor nobles from The Kingdom of Sarleon.

This faction doesnt have an upgrade tree, not even any own troop. It only has 2 spawns:

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