Wardens in red, marching in the green forests of LariaEdit

Red Fletcher Longbowman

Hailing from the forest of Laria, these red-clad archers answer to the call of Valorshield Castle's lord, and accompany him throughout his forays into the war-torn land of Pendor. Compared to the rank and file archers of Sarleon, these men had plenty of opportunities in applying their craft of marksmanship against Jatu raiders and the occasional brush with Noldor Rangers, to the former's detriment. Regardless, these experiences has made them a step above Sarleon Longbowmen present in Sarleon's armies in terms of skill and equipment, falling short to the Sarleon Armored Longbowman.

As of PoP 3.8.4, these longbowmen are the retinue units of Baron Godric.

They are equipped with Sarleon Arming Sword and a Heater Shield, with a Long Bow with Barbed Arrows. They can be captured and due to their low level, they can be recruited from your prisoner sacks or by rescuing them from other parties who held them prisoners.

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