Riva equip
A woman who hails from the region around Laria based on her apparent knowlege of bandit activity, she has set out to make a name for herself in the trade of arms as is her family's custom, or so she says. It's equally possible she is simply on the run from the law, and seeking out a mercenary company that doesn't discriminate so much about its hirees for protection or to make amends with the common folk she may have wronged in the past. It is equally possible she is actually a noblewoman who was forced into banditry by circumstance, but regardless it can be assumed she was not on good terms with local law enforcement, and her signing fee was used to buy them off.

While her seeming obsession with both her own and the family lines of others can become a touch annoying, like any good companion she can become a solid and reliable fighter.

She dislikes Julia because she makes fun of her pretensions and Lethaldiran on more than one occasion also pokes fun at her, but it can be said it grows into outright animosity towards eachother after a while. She likes Kassim who shows her the respect she is "accustomed" to as a noblewoman, and  thinks he comes from an ancient D'Shar family, though Kassim understandably has his doubts of her claims, being an occasional raider himself once upon a time and able to see the signs, but appreciates her drive and fiery personality none the less.

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