Rufio Vicente de Villaviciosia

Rufio is a wanted criminal in Barclay. He is the leader of a gang called Tercio Villaviciosia, that is most likely composed of the remains of the army used in his failed revolt against the Emperor of Barclay. He is accused of rape, murder, plunder, looting and marauding, among others. The constant persecution to which he is subject of is the reason for his flight to Pendor, hoping he can do like he did in Barclay more freely.

He can be captured, and may be considered a unique spawn for the Outlaws, as besting him will not result in damaging relations with Barclay but will with the outlaws. Once captured he can be ransomed for diamonds or a Qualis Gem. When fighting him, a large contingent of various rogue knights and adventurers is probably the best chance to win unless you bring other lords to back you up, as the lancers and conquistadors - not to mention the Arquebus-wielding Arquebusiers - who have fled with Rufio are incredibly formidable opponents, and likewise Rufio himself is no pushover.

He spawns near any of the 5 Training Fields.

His army consists of:

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