Runed Bastard Sword
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Runed Bastard Sword with Scabbard

The Runed Bastard Sword is a quick and deadly weapon that has damage on par with many greatswords and other high-end Two-Handed Weapons in Pendor. The Runed Bastard Sword is not only quite fast, but also is well-balanced, with its thrust damage nearly equal to its slashing attack, making this blade quite viable in siege situations as well as on horseback.

The attack speed of this sword isn't to be understated: while certain one-handed blades are faster, in terms of two-handed/bastard swords, the Runed Bastard Sword's speed is only outclassed by King Gregory IV's Dragon's Tooth, Ithilrandir's Havathang, and the Sapphire Rune Two-Handed Sword. It's not the equal of Rune Weapons for damage, but is still a fine weapon for mid to late game. The fact that it is in fact a Two-handed/One-handed weapon and can be used with a shield certainly gives it an edge.

The player can purchase Runed Bastard Swords of excellent quality from Quigfen in Laria once his inventory is unlocked; it can also be very rarely found on Cities' weapon merchants. Fighting parties of Heretics or Rogue Blackheart Knights also gives a chance to find the swords in the loot.

The sword can be found in two City Chests as well. Assuming the player owns these cities, these blades can be found in Ravenstern and Janos.

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